Monika Mączka

Monika Mączka

Interior Designer

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Interior Designer and Home Staging certified expert. She was inspired by and interested in design and interior design history for years. To design interiors has always been her passion and greatest talent, and became professional work eventually.

She earned her Master of Sociology degree from the Faculty of Humanities at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun (NCU), and holds post-graduate degree from the Faculty of Management at the University of Gdansk.

Humanist that holds beauty and diversity of cultures in high regard, she is a great aficionado of the interiors design, history of art and design. Idealist, empathetic and open to others, can listen carefully and memorizes easily. Likes to work with people and she is not afraid of different sense of styles and characters. She is a privileged owner of an aptitude to see abilities of a place and good arrangements in every situation, even looking at empty spaces or those that are damaged. Esthete by nature and perfectionist, pay attention to the last detail of the project. Ambitious, approach her work with passion, engagement and responsibility.

She believes that many years of experience in managerial, decision making positions in corporations that operated globally is of a great value in her current endeavor. She managed big budget projects within restricted timeframes, has proven her strong business acumen in a field of business development and sales area and cooperated with business partners from all over the world. To establish and sustain great partnership, sometimes on the edge of different cultures, was crucial to the business she did. The above makes her a perfect partner for every Client who is looking for a professional support in defining the best solutions that suits her, or his needs.

Privately, she is the mother of two children and a happy wife, glad being resident of Wilanow. Above interiors and history of art she is interested in philosophy and cultural anthropology, social psychology, loves cinema, coffee and dark chocolate.