Agata Paśniewska

Agata Paśniewska

Wilanów Team Manager | Senior Real Estate Advisor

+48 602 799 970


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A perfect example of a person whose passion has become a profession. After years of work in the e-commerce industry and in international corporations abroad, she started her adventure with the real estate market in Czech Prague. Now with full energy works on the Warsaw market.

As she claims – contact with customers and giving them support in life decisions is something that gives her energy necessary for effective, full of engagement work in the real estate industry.

Open, optimistic and full of empathy. She perfectly understands the needs of Clients, so always finds solutions that are appropriate to their expectations.

A graduate of the Faculty of International Relations at the University of Warsaw, a scholarship holder from the University of Bonn.

Privately mother of two children. Over the years associated with Ursynów, now living Wilanów.

She enjoys spending leisure time discovering with her family the charming parts of Poland. Active horse rider and skier.