Łukasz Hodura

Łukasz Hodura

Senior Real Estate Advisor | Luxury Properties

+48 501 477 244


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For years he has been interested in luxury goods market, focused on personal and professional development and customer relations. It is the real estate business that gives him energy and allows him to fulfill his dreams. First of all, however, it provides a lot of joy.

Graduate of the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw and postgraduate studies.
As a participant in the Program of Management in the Market of Luxury Goods and Brands, he has a keen knowledge of the subject and specific nature of premium products, which he perfectly uses in his work.

Certified Life Coach. Many years of experience in coaching taught him to truly listen to people and their expectations. In the sales process, it is the ability to listen and understand the needs of the customer, which guarantees later satisfaction for both parties.

Both in personal contacts and in work he is characterized by high ethics, without which he can not imagine good relations with people, also on the professional basis.

Esthete, electronic music, design and healthy lifestyle enthusiast. She loves dining experiments and vegan cuisine, and while traveling it is local specialties that are the highlight for him.