Invest & Rest

Invest in properties for sale or rent

Invest&Rest is a service package that provides comprehensive management of investment in apartments including rent management. We specialize in investments in the upper and premium real estate segment as well as luxury properties in Warsaw. Thanks to Invest&Rest, investing in real estate is not only a gain but also a pleasure. You make key investment decisions, you know the predicted profitability, you set the direction. We deal with all the rest. We are your adviser and contractor. Together we will develop a strategy, create a budget through which you will know the expected results and profitability. We will help you find the best financing offer on the market. Later, Vilea will carry out the investment process itself, from finding location, repairing and homestaging to renting or selling.


If you own a residential property that does not generate income
or you are planning to invest – contact Vilea Property Boutique.

Analysis and financing

We offer:

preparing an investment strategy tailored to your needs

building a financial plan

risk analysis

finding sources of financing

Why us?

Vilea Property Boutique cooperates with experts with many years of experience in financial planning on the real estate market. Each investor is different, has different needs and prospects. We are flexible, we can tailor your financial plan exactly to your needs and preferences.

Our consultants are constantly working with the largest financial institutions so that we can offer financing on favorable terms.


Searching property for rent or sale

We offer:

market mapping (searching for a location, taking into account carefully selected criteria, gradually excluding areas that do not meet the assumed parameters)

evaluation of the attractiveness of the location and advice on choosing the best offer, including legal and technical assessment

financial plan for the selected offer

negotiation, assistance during transaction and in completing the necessary formalities

Why us?

At Vilea Property Boutique we use the experience of an active investor acquired once as a buyer, another time as a property seller. This makes it possible to assess the potential of each location. Vilea Property Boutique is premium real estate agency specializing in luxury properties in Warsaw. We have many years of experience in negotiating and we will use it to ensure maximum benefit for the Client.

We use unique, proven tools to facilitate decision making.
We invite you to cooperate.


Preparation of a property for sale or rent

We offer:

preparation of the interior design project (2D functional project, 3D visualization, construction projects), preparation of the cost estimate and technical and material specifications

Investment management with supervision over repairs

furnishing of interiors, balconies, gardens. Designing wooden and glass fittings, furniture and decoration purchases, including delivery and assembly

home staging - a property styling service, including property itself as well as its surroundings, such as garden or terrace, in such a way that it is attractive to interested Clients

Why us?

Vilea Property Boutique cooperates exclusively with proven partners. The work of our architects and cooperating contractors has been shown in magazines devoted to real estate and interior design.

For each investment we assign a project manager. Our priority is to control the economics of the project at every stage.


Sale and rental of a property

We offer:

Preparation of a property for sale or rent

Preparing a marketing plan

Promotion of property on the Internet and beyond

Carry out the transaction

Vilea Property Boutique is a real estate agency with a wide customer base and extensive relationships with investors and real estate companies that multiply the chances of finding a potential client.

Why us?

When we sell or rent a property, we operate using multi-channel approach. We are not limited to placing offers on the Internet and passively waiting for the customer. Real estate sales require faith in success, high energy and passion, and continuous activity.

You do not have to go to meetings with potential clients every time. Thanks to the fact that we are available at any time of the day, you will not lose any sales opportunity for a full week.


Rental management

We offer:

search for a tenant

verification of the tenant

Contract preparation

organization of current repairs

dealing with ongoing matters

purchase of additional equipment according to the arrangements with the tenant

debt collection

repairs after the rental period

Why us?

Many investors are afraid of investing in rental property due to difficulties with proper preparation of the premises and potential problems with the tenant. Signing an agreement with Vilea Property Boutique to manage the rental, you are transferring most of the problems to us. Not only will we find a tenant, but we will also deal with its verification and debt collection. We will take care of the proper presence of the premises and its marketing. We will help you with rental preparation to minimize the risk of dishonest tenants.