ul. Stanisława Noakowskiego, Warszawa Pokaż lokale

  • Price: 714 700 - 7 705 000 zł
  • Price for m²: 15 000 - 25 000 zł
  • Areas: 41 m² - 308 m²
  • Floors: 8
  • Year of completion: 1913
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Nr. oferty Nr. lokalu Liczba pokoi Piętro Powierzchnia Cena Plan Poznaj szczegóły
360/4917/OMS 1 6 41 m² 714 700 zł Zobacz plan Kontakt
327/4917/OMS 5 7 308 m² 7 705 000 zł Zobacz plan Kontakt
326/4917/OMS 3 6 117 m² 1 996 140 zł - Kontakt
325/4917/OMS 3 1 110 m² 1 800 000 zł Zobacz plan Kontakt
324/4917/OMS 3 3 111 m² 1 668 600 zł Zobacz plan Kontakt
323/4917/OMS 2 6 57 m² 962 030 zł Zobacz plan Kontakt

Tenement house after thorough renovation has regained its former splendor today. Located in the heart of Śródmieście, the investment is one of the few buildings renovated with unparalleled attention to the smallest detail. Located at one of the arteries that streak out from the Politechnika Square. Built in 1913, it has always been a distinctive building on the map of Warsaw.

The main idea that inspired the investor is to restore the former splendor of the tenement house with a rich history.

A building with meticulously renovated modernist decorations of the front façade and the inner courtyard. An elegant gateway, historic cobblestones and restored staircases with decorations revitalized according to the stylistics of the era. The tenement house also meets the high requirements of the present times – it is equipped with modern lifts with security systems and air conditioning installation.

Excellent location in the heart of the city in an exclusive area. In the immediate vicinity of restaurants, cafes, Hala Koszyki, cultural institutions, educational facilities and numerous service points guarantee incredible comfort. The proximity of the Politechnika Metro ensures excellent communication and direct access to all means of public transport. In the vicinity of the Central Railway Station, and the Chopin airport takes about 15-20 minutes.