Foksal 13/15

Tenement House Foksal 13/15: apartments in a luxury townhouse



Vilea Property Boutique presents an exceptional investment – a tenement house at Foksal 13/15, considered one of the most expensive properties in Warsaw. Located on the backside of Nowy Świat, the monumental tenement exudes luxury and history, a testament to the top-notch restored architecture of the late 19th century.




History and revitalization

The tenements at Foksal 13/15, designed by Arthur Otto Spitzbarth, were built in 1895-98 as prestigious residences for the wealthy bourgeoisie. Their history was marked by changes – from Art Nouveau remodeling by Jan Wedel, to plans by the Communist government to demolish them, to their miraculous rescue and acquisition by developer Ghelamco, which restored the buildings to their former glory. The revitalization project, which took fifteen years to complete, with four years of intensive construction work, was a complete success, restoring the townhouses to their original late 19th century appearance, based on historic photos and designs.




Architecture and luxurious interiors

Of note are the beautifully restored decorative facades, elegant stucco, rosettes and stylish tiled stoves. Unique paintings have also been restored in the townhouses, including paintings of angels found during the work, which now adorn one of the staircases. The work, conducted under the direction of Anna Rostkowska of the Proart studio, can be safely compared to the conservation of a work of art. The baroque facade and numerous architectural details, including carved figures of athletes and eagles, were also reconstructed based on a single surviving photograph.




Exclusive amenities of Foksal 13/15

Every detail has been taken care of in the townhouse, creating an interior patio with a glass roof, where there is a concierge area and meeting space. In addition, residents have access to a wellness & spa area, gym, sauna, Jacuzzi and massage room, as well as underground parking with 65 parking spaces. Also unique is the opportunity to use two guest rooms on the second floor, offering hotel standard.




Luxury apartments

A total of 55 luxury apartments ranging in size from 45 to 227 square meters have been built in the two townhouses. Apartments on the second floor impress with a height of more than four meters, polychromes, rosettes and restored stucco, adding uniqueness and prestige to the interiors.





The Foksal 13/15 tenement is not just a property, it is an example of excellent restoration and a piece of Warsaw’s history, offering unparalleled luxury and comfort. Foksal 13/15 is a testament to the passion and commitment to preserving the architectural heritage of the capital. It is an ideal place for connoisseurs of beauty, history and luxury, looking for a unique place to live in the heart of Warsaw.

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